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Enterprise In-a-Box

:warning: There are serious security flaws with this system at the moment -- DO NOT USE THIS FOR PRODUCTION :warning:

The EIB project is intended to serve as a one-stop-shop for all enterprise management needs, accessible through any modern web browser.

This is a very new project, and no features are ready for testing or production yet.

These features are currently under development:

  • Requirements (#3)
    • Editing
    • Tracking
    • Reporting

These features are planned:

  • Document storage/tracking (M: drive replacement) (#4) This has been replaced by Google Team Drives
  • Enterprise-wide inventory (#5)
  • Issue tracking/task-lists (non-software) (#6) This has been replaced by ClickUp

If you would like to discuss any feature, please leave a comment on the corresponding issue. For feature requests, please file a new issue and include the “Feature Request” label.